AFDICA at Work

AFDICA is proud to be a sponsor for 7 teachers that attend the recent Jump$tart National Educator Conference which was held November 4th  thru 6th in Atlanta, Georgia.

The AFDICA iogo is prominently displayed in the center of the sponsors.

The Jump$tart National Educator Conference is the nation’s premier professional development event for pre-K through 12th grade teachers, dedicated to financial education in the classroom.  For teachers, it is an all-scholarship event, offering tools and information they can use in their classrooms as soon as they return to school.

The AFDICA logo was prominently displayed in the center of the sponsors.

The Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization based in Washington, DC. The coalition consists of more than 100 national organizations and a network of 51 independent, affiliated state coalitions that share a commitment to advancing youth financial literacy.

AFDICA member Lynn B Dallin represented AFDICA at the recent Jump$tart National Educator Conference.

Lynn reported "It was a great event and I really enjoyed associating with teachers from across the country".  He met two of our awardees and noted that "Each of these women are experienced teachers that bring a lot of energy to the subject of financial literacy.  I enjoyed talking to them and getting to know them"...."I was also seated with a diverse group of teachers for the dinner.  I got a lot of insight into their teaching in high schools in NV, UT, WV, MD, PA and TN.  I came away thinking we can hardly do any better than help support these teachers and ultimately the students they influence."

 AFDICA member Lynn Dallin and two of the teahcers that we sponsored.



AFDICA member Lynn Dallin and one of the teachers we sponsored,
Michele Harney from Somerville High School in MA







Thank you notes from attendees: Peggy Choi, Michele Harney, Kay JohnsonD. Matheney and Kristin O'Brien