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AFDICA was founded in 2016 as a non-profit 501(c) (3) tax exempt charitable organization, incorporated in the state of Delaware. Its mission is to provide an opportunity for FDIC Alumni to gather for social events and through educational outreach activities, to assist the FDIC in expanding the MoneySmart Financial Literacy program through the use of alumni volunteers. We will also engage our membership to support a variety of charitable causes. In addition, we will provide the FDIC with an opportunity to connect with members of the AFDICA in the event of a financial crises or, to provide assistance on matters of divisional or agency strategic importance.

Being a Member of AFDICA will provide you with a portal to connect with former colleagues and friends with whom you may have lost contact. We sincerely hope you will become a member of AFDICA and will enjoy the benefits of joining a common community of fellowship.

The value of Membership in AFDICA.

As the organization grows and we are able to identify geographic areas of alumni concentration, we hope to leverage that information into a thoughtful strategic plan that will support our membership in their efforts to conduct local charitable fundraising events, social events like golf, picnics, dinners and theater outings. We will hold our next annual meeting with our AFDICA membership in the fall and plan to have various regional social events in the interim.

Please examine the By-Laws on this website. A great deal of thought and effort has gone into creating the Association of FDIC Alumni, Inc. We welcome alumni, no matter what position, division, or grade held while working for the FDIC, to assist in the leadership of this organization.

The First AFDICA Board of Directors election was held on October 2, 2017.  Elections for Board members and officers occur annually in October. We invite those of you who would like to donate your time, energy and effort to help lead and grow this organization, to contact us at i[email protected]   

Together, we have an opportunity to do great things.

The Benefits of Membership

For some, the opportunity to reconnect with former FDIC colleagues that you’ve worked with is the most important and for others, it may be to network and establish communications with others who may help you in your career. The basic principles of Fellowship, Education and Charity should provide everyone with something they will cherish and enjoy.

  •  AFDICA members are eligible for membership in NASA Credit Union (the FDIC Credit Union merged with the NASA Credit Union) with a special joining bonus.
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We encourage you to get involved by volunteering:

  • Establishing and supporting charitable activities
  • Participating in Money Smart and financial literacy training 
  • Participating in the management of the AFDICA - join a board committee
  • Helping to organize social activities

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