Current education activities are focused on providing Money Smart training to a variety of groups, ages, and organizations.  No previous experience is necessary.

Want to get involved? 

If you previously participated in, or have been trained in Money Smart, you can play a vital role in facilitating this important effort. Either click VOLUNTEER! to log in and fill out our contact form or email your interest to [email protected]   No previous experience?  Don't worry, we have train the trainer training too.  You can select the group that you want to train.  It can be a church, school, seniors organization or most any other group that you would like to provide Money Smart training to.  All we ask is that you tell us who you are training and let us make sure there are no conflicts.  


In addition, Scott Taylor, chairperson of the volunteer services committee,  has formed a planning committee to  bring forth the best of member talents while making meaningful contributions to our communities. Participants in this group should not expect to devote more than 5-10 hours per month.

Please contact Scott Taylor, chairperson of the volunteer services committee at [email protected]

As stated above, currently we are focusing on providing Money Smart to organizations.  In the future, we would consider additional training and welcome your suggestions.  

Online AFDICA Money Smart files and resources

 In addition to the Money Smart elist (list-serve) postings, you may find these resource links  helpful:

Members can click here for a list of AFDICA members that have graciously offered their time to create, conduct and support Money Smart training and associated activities.