The Association of FDIC Alumni (AFDICA) offers value to all members in at least six distinct areas; some perhaps of more benefit than others to each individual.

1. AFDICA provides the opportunity for former FDIC employees to find and re-connect with former colleagues and friends with whom you may have lost contact. We offer social activities, including luncheons, dinners and cocktail hours in a growing variety of cities as well as golf outings, an annual meeting of our members, and other social activities.

2. AFDICA offers the opportunity to assist the FDIC in expanding the MoneySmart Financial Literacy Program in cities and states where FDIC Alumni reside. We have over 90 volunteers who have indicated their desire to be involved in providing MoneySmart training in their communities. Our Alumni continue to offer this program to a variety of organizations from prison inmates and foster home care groups to public and non profit organizational gatherings. 

3. AFDICA supports a variety of charitable causes ranging from the national coalition of Jump$tart where we are funding financial literacy education to supporting our members directly through matching monetary donations for charities they support at the local level.

4. In the event of a financial crisis where FDIC needs skilled experts, members of the AFDICA may have an opportunity to temporarily return to the FDIC for full or part time employment if they choose to do so. A list of members that are interested in re-employment may be shared with the FDIC.

5. Membership dues and donations to the AFDICA are tax deductible to the extent provided by law.

6. AFDICA members are eligible for membership with the NASA Federal Credit Union. (The FDIC Credit Union merged with with the NASA Federal Credit Union on 10/2/2019 thereby offering more locations).

These are just a few of the benefits that you receive by becoming a member.  REMEMBER:  AFDICA exists where ever its members reside!  Click here to JOIN NOW