As Vice President of Fellowship, it is my role to help foster one of the missions of the AFDICIA:  Fellowship.  The AFDICA is working to foster a cohesive group of Alumni, from every division and every pay scale, to organize fun, interesting, educational events so that members can meet and socialize with each other. Since we alums are located throughout the USA and in many foreign countries, organizing meetings and social events takes coordination and planning.  I am looking for people that would like to be involved in a committee or serve as a “regional” liaison to work with me in having more events and opportunities to connect with our fellow alums.  Please contact me at [email protected] to brainstorm, talk, solicit ideas, get support and join in.  It takes a village – or at least some enthusiastic folks to make this happen.  The AFDICA and I need your help in hosting/sponsoring/organizing events in your local areas.

I am aware of several groups that are already meeting for breakfast, lunch, dinner or social hours. It would be great to build on these gatherings so that Alumni in all areas would be able to socialize and reconnect with their former FDIC co-workers and to even meet new friends. If you are involved in a group that currently meets please contact me at my email.   Please describe your gathering, how often you meet, what you do and the people in your group. This will help with creating new events in other areas.

I hope that you all are as excited about the Fellowship aspect of the AFDICA as I am.  I look forward to working with you to host and organize events via Zoom or in person as protocols ease during this time of COVID-19

I have included some ideas on events that might be of interest and fun!

Group attendance at a sporting event
Golf outing
Hiking expedition
Camping trip
Biking/motor bikes and cycles
Ski trips
Hobby group meeting:  photography, investing, bridge, etc
Health/wellness meetings
Operas/concerts/attending plays
Book clubs
Happy hours
Breakfast, lunch, dinner get-togethers
Ice cream socials
BBQs, picnic
Holiday gathering
Habitat for Humanity
Race for the Cure

Put on your thinking hats and let’s come up with some social, charitable, educational or cultural group events to promote out mission of Fellowship! 

Laura Lapin
Vice President Fellowship