Mission, Vision and Values of the AFDICA


The Association of FDIC Alumni, Inc. (AFDICA) is a 501 (c) (3) corporation created to promote Fellowship, Education and Charity by and between former FDIC and RTC employees by:

• promoting social events for its members;
• advancing financial literacy to the public including conducting seminars using Money Smart;
• supporting local and national charitable causes;
• providing assistance to the FDIC during financial crisis.



AFDICA through its national and local chapters will conduct social events for its members; determine appropriate locations and audiences to teach Money Smart; decide on appropriate charitable causes to contribute time and money to; and provide its members with the opportunity to volunteer to be on call to become reemployed by FDIC in a future financial crisis


AFDICA is dedicated to the idea that providing and supporting an inclusive environment is vital to our association's success. We believe that the purpose and programs of the AFDICA are strengthened by diversity, inclusion, and non-discrimination.

AFDICA members have a tradition of distinguished public service and have adhered to high ethical standards. Their past FDIC experiences have taught them teamwork, integrity, and accountability to themselves and other stakeholders. AFDICA values those traditions and continues to promote them.