Welcome to the AFDICA Social Activities Web Page!

If you have interest please contact Blake Clemens at:  [email protected]

We are very happy to inform you that the AFDICA organizational members determined that having a social committee would be a very important part of the Alumni group. Many Alumni have spent more time with our former co-workers than our own families and therefore we became adopted families. No matter where you live you are never far from home when you are a member of the Association of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Alumni (“AFDICA”). Staying connected with the FDIC and former employees is a priority for most to you. We want to offer many opportunities to become a part of the “AFDIC Nation” no matter where you are in the world.

The purpose of the AFDICA social committee is to foster a cohesive group of Alumni, from every division and every pay scale, to organize fun, interesting, educational events so that members can meet and socialize with each other. As you all know we are located throughout the USA and in many foreign countries so planning for meetings and social events will take coordination and planning. We have come up with numerous activities that may be of interest to our Alumni. These include, but of course are not limited to, participating in sports activities, watching sports games, etc., cultural, activities, traveling, outdoor events, and of course social gatherings. Below is a list of the activities that Alumni may be interested in. Since we can be found throughout the country and world we are asking for volunteers that are interested in being a “regional” captain please complete the document below and send it to Blake at the above email address. The “regional” captain will assist in hosting/sponsoring/organizing events in your local areas.

We are aware of several groups that are already meeting for breakfast, lunch, dinner or social hours. We would like to build on these gatherings so that Alumni in all areas would be able to socialize and reconnect with their former FDIC co-workers and to even meet new friends. If you are involved in a group that currently meets please contact Blake at the above email address. Please describe your gathering, how often you meet, what you do and the people in your group. This will help with creating new events in other areas.

The AFDICA By-Laws require annual meetings to nominate and elect the AFDICA Board of Directors. The specific location and date of this meeting has not been determined. Each Alumni that has paid their dues will be able to vote for the slate of nominees. We understand that not all Alumni members will be able to attend this meeting therefore the Board is looking into various measures on how Alumni can participate. Further information will be provided on the AFDICA Web Page as plans are finalized as this Association is in the infancy stage.

We hope that you all are as excited about the forming of the AFDICA as we are. We look forward to seeing you all at upcoming events, we appreciate your support, and assistance in helping create a great social committee for the “AFDICA Nation”!

Below is a list of events that we thought our Alumni members would be interested in.
If you are interested in being a “regional” captain or assisting in any of these events please indicate what event, where you are located, potentially how many Alumni are in your area. As mentioned above, if you currently are meeting as a group (what type, how many people attend, how often you meet, etc.) please provide Blake with the information.


Sports events in local areas
Game day tail gating
Watching events as a group
Scuba diving
Biking/motor bikes and cycles
Ski trips
Bird watching
Health/wellness meetings
Operas/concerts/attending plays
Book clubs
Networking events

Happy hours
Breakfast, lunch, dinner get-togethers
Ice cream socials
Holiday gatherings
Ornament exchange
Ugly sweater contest
Cookie exchange
4th of July gathering
Easter egg hunt
Empty nester Thanksgiving dinner
Pot luck dinners
Caroling at senior centers/hospitals
Family friendly events
Wine tasting events

Napa/Sonoma/other areas tours
Group trips to Puerto Rico and other places Alumni have worked
Train rides

Junior Achievement/reading to children/mentoring
Meals on Wheels
Toys for Tots
School supplies for children in need
Veteran’s affairs
Habitat for Humanity
Adopt a Highway
Animal shelter help