AFDICA Financial Literacy Team Heeds the Call of Young Leaders!

AFDICA board member Mindy West is our contact person with the FDIC Community Affairs Department which manages the Money Smart and financial literacy (FIN/LIT) programs. In the past, the FDIC has referred us to organizations who have requested assistance with FIN/LIT content development and presentations for employees/students/participants they represent. Such was the case in October and November of 2020 when AFDICA members made remote presentations to the USDA, Florida State University, and Jacksonville College when members including Mindy, Claude Rollin, Claire McGuire, Mary O’Donovan, Cecelia Calaby lead six different sessions for individuals in these institutions. The topics covered included Saving and Spending, Managing Credit Reports, Managing Debts, Protecting Identity, and Budgeting and Borrowing, and high-level principles of FIN/LIT. These sessions were considered a success based on feedback received from these groups, plus they were regarded as a fulfilling experience by the AFDICA presenters. They also represented the commitment of our members to FIN/LIT as these were completed during the pandemic and allowed us to explore and refine remote training techniques for future use.

And just such an opportunity came again in June 2021 when the FDIC contacted us with a request from the South Fulton Area Youth Council (SFAYC) in Atlanta for a FIN/LIT program for their leadership series which will begin in August 2021. The award-winning SFAYC provides an elite day school, after school and summer program that supports student learning and success through their 21st century leadership engagement training model known as the Arrow Leadership Institute. You can read about this organization here While the SFAYC had originally requested onsite instructors at their facility in Georgia, such was simply not possible for our organization, and it was agreed that remote learning (ZOOM) sessions could occur. AFDICA members have now committed to at least eleven presentations to be conducted the third Saturday of the month and continuing through June 2022 for approximately thirty middle and high schoolers at SFAYC. Topics will include “Designing Your Dreams”, “Can you Pay your Bills?”, “Boost your Savings”, “Bank your Bucks”, “Managing your Paycheck”, “Introduction to Credit”, “Credit Cards”, “Financial Ratios”, “Launching your Dream”, “Protecting your Identity”, and “Financing College.” Mindy, Claire, and Cecelia are back for a return engagement, and will be joined by Dorothy “Dottie” Willey, Betty Pelzer-Sharper, Bruce Aboff, and as possible Bob Chamberlain as presenters. Scott Taylor will serve as ZOOM coordinator and back-up presenter. Further, the AFDICA FIN/LIT team prepared an introductory video for SFAYC, take a look here,

Many thanks to the members who have volunteered, if you know one, give them a shout and show your appreciation as their commitment to financial literacy and elevating the lives of others will be valued by the participants for a lifetime!