David Bilker - Vice President Charitable Services

David began working for the FDIC in DRR during 2010 and left in 2013. He was in the Washington (F Street) office his entire tenure with the Corporation.

David volunteers at the Jewish Foundation for Group Homes (JFGH) which operates throughout the Washington Metropolitan area. The JFGH is a nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing the independence, dignity, choice, and community inclusion of individuals with disabilities, regardless of faith or creed. JFGH’s mission is to provide individuals with developmental disabilities and/or chronic mental disorders with the opportunity to live independently within the community. In addition to his volunteering at JFGH David also volunteers at Potomac Community Resources, Inc. PCR promotes the full inclusion into community life of teens and adults with developmental differences by providing over 35 therapeutic, recreational, social, educational and respite care programs. David also volunteers at Jubilee Association of Maryland, Inc. Jubilee provides the highest-quality community based residential services and support for adults with developmental disabilities. WOW! How fortunate the residents of Montgomery County, Maryland to have David live in their community!

In addition to his volunteering for these three organizations, David is a self-employed federal financial management and systems consultant, a college professor and the Chief Operating Officer of a new community bank! When asked about hobbies—he said that he liked to walk and relax…no wonder.

David and his wife Jennelyn have two children. They have taken many cruises and visited Asia on several trips experiencing China, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines. He said that his biggest challenge in retirement is staying busy with interesting brain stimulating work. He gets an A+ in that challenge.

David is currently helping to institutionalize AFDICA's Audit Committee and associated processes.