Edward B. Butler - Executive Director

Work Experience

After two years with the IRS, Ed began employment with the FDIC in June 1975, in the Division of Bank Supervision.  Over a thirty-five year career, all in which he was based in New York, Ed rose to the title of Senior Examination Specialist.  Ed was involved in many complex situations:  served as a resident Examiner-In-Charge of a large money center bank  for over two years during a commercial real estate crisis; appointed as a Managing Agent of a small Texas institution during the savings and loan crisis in 1989; headed a regional Bank Secrecy Act/Anti-Money Laundering Task Force; expended approximately eighteen months on Director and Officer Liability claims and Blanket Bond claims relating to a series of bank failures in Tennessee in the 1980's; headed the onsite, multi-year investigation of a foreign owned bank involved in systemic fraud; served on inter-divisional committees relating to the closing of large banks; spearheaded national committees on examination efficiency; and led internal review activities both nationally and regionally, as well as other high profile matters.

In 1999, Ed was the recipient of the Edward J. Roddy Award, which is awarded to one individual annually for career excellence in examinations. 

Following his retirement from the FDIC in 2009, Ed worked part time for FinPro, Inc., a bank consulting firm, for a three year period, as a Managing Director.  Duties primarily involved meeting with senior management, addressing boards of directors, and devising and assisting in implementing plans to help banks achieve compliance with federal and state banking regulations and guidelines, while maintaining or restoring profitability. 

After retirement in 2012, Ed has been a volunteer for the National Park Service at Fire Island National Seashore.  His duties vary widely from staffing Visitors Centers, assisting Park Rangers with tours, and visiting schools, street fairs and libraries to provide educational programs and promote the national seashore.


Ed graduated from Illinois State University in 1971.  He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. In 1984, he graduated from the Graduate School of Banking at the University of Wisconsin.

Marital Status:

 Ed is married to Gail Butler, and they reside in Oradell, New Jersey, and have a second home on Long Island.