Karen Gassett - Secretary
Karen has over 29 years service in the banking and mortgage industries, including the Federal government.  She studied to become an architect, however, her career path took her to banking. 
Karen began her banking career gaining foundational experience with the then second oldest savings and loan in Texas.  First as a savings counselor and teller and soon transitioning to residential mortgage and construction loan servicing.  Karen then went on to work for two other Savings and Loans in as a commercial loan servicer and then in commercial loan administration, which included loan origination, loan servicing, loan participations, and REO/ORE asset management. 
Karen added to her experience portfolio eight years of Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities (CMBS) and Collateralized Debt Obligation (CDO) as a Sr. Bond Analyst for Primary, Master, and Special Servicing Investor Reporting with KeyBank. 
During the last two economic and financial crisis, Karen has worked at the Federal level with almost six years with The Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC) first in contracting working with computer programmers to create software for regarding all aspects of vendor contracting and management reporting.  The software program was implemented corporation wide.  Karen then used her REO/ORE experienced and worked in asset management/disposition oversight.  Most recently, Karen was with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) for six years in Depositor Claims specializing in deposit insurance and working with depositors of failed banks, including eight months performing loan reviews in Investigation.
Karen obtained her under graduate degree in Business Management at Le Tourneau University and those architecture studies from the University of Texas at Arlington, turned out to be a great foundation for Karen’s banking and mortgage career.