Marybeth Bannon - Director At Large

Ms. Bannon’s FDIC career began in the New York Regional Office as a secretary in 1991.  She quickly moved into an entry level position in the Division of Supervision as a Consumer Affairs Assistant responsible for analyzing deposit insurance inquiries, investigating consumer complaints and inquiries, and participating in consumer outreach.  In 1999, she was promoted to a Consumer Affairs Specialist to be part of the newly established Consumer Response Center in Kansas City.  She investigated consumer complaints and inquiries about consumer protection issues, acted as liaison and case manager to several large credit card banks (Discover Bank and American Express Centurion Bank) and the Kansas City Region community banks.  In 2007, she was promoted to Corporate University in the Washington Office as an Administrative Specialist responsible for working with cross divisions onboarding new CEP employees and conducting training on the use of the corporate travel card.  In 2009, she transferred into the Washington Office’s Division of Depositor and Consumer Protection as a Consumer Affairs Specialist responsible for providing exam support in preparing pre-exam reports and state banking reports.  She holds a Deposit Insurance Claims Certificate and was part of bank pre-closing teams in 2009.  She is a graduate of the Executive Leadership Program.  She served on numerous divisional details on a wide variety of projects.  Other collateral duties included the Chairman’s Diversity Advisory Council, the Workplace Excellence Council, the FDIC’s Toastmaster Club, and acted as the union steward for DCP in Washington.  She has received numerous awards and recognitions including the Annie Moore Chairman’s Award and Mission Achievement Award for her accomplishments in diversity.

After retiring in December 2014, she relocated from Northern Virginia to New Paltz, NY home of her alma mater SUNY New Paltz, where she received her degree in 1981.  Her passions include her dog, Dolly, traveling, continuing education auditing classes at SUNY (French last year), contributing to her community, and finding new wineries.  She collaborates with the SUNY’s Business Advisory Council which partners with several local businesses, acts as a mentor to college students and supports the Alumni Council.  She is a graduate of the Cornell University’s Cooperative Extension as a certified Master Gardener and volunteers in many capacities with the program’s activities: the 4H, Garden Day, the County Fair, literacy events with elementary children during NY Ag week, conducting presentations in the teaching garden and yet, manages time to tend to her garden of perennials, and roses.  She is an active member of the SUNY International Toastmaster Club.  Last year, she was a presenter at the SUNY’s Women’s Leadership Summit.