Mike Hill - Director At Large

Mike Hill began his working life in the US Air Force five days after high school graduation. After completing one term of enlistment during the Vietnam Era, he attended St. Mary's University and the University of Texas at San Antonio - not earning a place on an NBA team like he had hoped, but earning a BBA with emphasis in Accounting. After 18 months with a San Antonio public accounting firm, he transitioned to Internal Audit and IT Audit for large corporations in the financial, energy, retail, and other industries. When the 2008 financial crisis created a need for internal control professionals in Dallas, Mike accepted a term position as Internal Review Specialist, and the next year accepted a permanent position with the same title. In addition to performing and leading reviews of operations, accounting, and IT, Mike served for six years as DRR's Dallas coordinator for external audits, including those by GAO and the Office of Inspector General. Mike retired in April 2017 with fond memories of FDIC co-workers, whom he calls some of the finest people he worked with in his 45 year career.

In retirement, Mike enjoys having the time to be with, encourage, and help people in his family, friends, church, and community. He looks for opportunities to get outside to the beauty of the outdoors, and to spend time with his grandchildren in North Dakota. He's more thankful every year for the blessings God has given.