Suzannah Susser - Secretary 


Suzannah Susser retired in 2022 after serving for 34 years at an agency that provided opportunities for learning and career development, while being a mommy (her most favorite role!).  She began her career as an assistant bank examiner trainee in St. Louis, her home town, and served in various positions in supervision and insurance and research.  She concluded her career in Corporate University as the Director and Chief Learning Officer. In this role, she absolutely loved leading a group of talented learning professionals dedicated to assisting employees in learning the skills required to be successful in their current jobs and obtaining the knowledge necessary to move into their next job and achieve their career goals.  Suzannah is grateful to all her supervisors, mentors, and colleagues, who generously provided insight and guidance throughout her career.

Suzannah lives in Wyoming, where she fulfills her cowgirl dreams, and in coastal Washington, where she enjoys flying a kite on the beach at sunset.