Dwight Hillis Wilson II - AFDICA's  First Life Long  Career Achievement Awardee


 Association of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Alumni, Inc.
Life Long Achievement award

The By-Laws of the Association of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Alumni, Inc. (AFDICA) allow the recognition of life-long or career achievements of outstanding current or former FDIC employees and their commitment to service to their country.

The criteria for the award should weigh heavily on the significance and long lasting impact of a nominee's accomplishments. Criteria may include, but may not be limited to achievements in the following areas: (1) fellowship, (2) education, (3) charity or (4) support of the mission of AFDICA or the FDIC.

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On October 22, 2018, AFDICA President Fred Selby presented the Associations first Life long Achievement award to Donna Wilson honoring her late husband, Dwight Hillis Wilson II AFDICA's first Life Long Achievement Awardee. 

Attributes and Achievements of the Awardee: 

Dwight Wilson entered government service working for the US Department of Agriculture and the District of Columbia Government. He began a 29 year tenure with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation in 1987 and advanced through the ranks to become the Chief of the Transportation Unit of the Division of Administration until his retirement in 2016.

Arleas Upton Kea, his Division Director, stated that he was one of the Division's most effective and enthusiastic ambassadors who knew many FDIC employees by name. He was someone who used his knowledge and assistance to others to make things work. He was able to handle a business scenario in the most professional manner and still made people laugh and eradicate stress. Dwight always gave 100% in order to be timely, efficient and thorough and could always be counted on complete the mission.  He was known for his outgoing personality, engaging with complete strangers who soon became friends.  Dwight was often called upon to make arrangements for the FDIC Chairman and others in the Corporation,  often at the last moment or when the situation changed without warning. A colleague stated that Dwight took care of many things around the Corporation, and transportation was just one of them.