Money Smart Back to School Activities!

Youngsters and young people, as well as teachers, are back in school which presents a great opportunity to further financial literacy. AFDICA member Lizzie Lee Martinez Alvarez has undertaken three worthwhile initiatives to elevate financial literacy during this Back to School window. Lizzie first undertook a Train-the-Trainer presentation to a group of teachers in August. During September, she facilitated a SOLD-OUT Train-the-Trainer event for PreK-Grade 2 teachers, community educators, and financial services professionals, and lastly participated as an AFDICA representative at a financial literacy mixer in St. Louis.

In the first event, which took place in Everett WA, Lizzie made a presentation to a group of educators assembled by the Financial Education Public Private Partnership (FEPPP). The FEPPP “is a partnership created by the (State of Washington) legislature that brings together public and private stakeholders to improve and advocate for financial education in Washington schools and communities by providing teacher training and quality resources.” The audience consisted of PreK-Grade 2 public school teachers where Lizzie provided a PP presentation to acquaint the teachers with the FDIC Money Smart program and the vast online resources it offers for the turnkey programs. The event was co-sponsored by the FDIC San Francisco Consumer Affairs Division which provided Money Smart “piggy banks.” Our Association shared [email protected] pens for the participants. By all accounts (and smiling faces from the photos!) the FEPPP event was well received.

For the second event, Lizzie helped facilitate a Money Smart Train-the-Trainer event, again in concert with the FEPPP and again with the FDIC SF Consumer Affairs Division, which occurred in Seattle. This certification training was directed toward teachers and community financial educators to introduce them to FDIC Money Smart program, and how educators can incorporate financial literacy training into secondary education. The professional development workshop was called “Finlit…Teach It” and was presented by FDIC Consumer Affairs. FDIC Money Smart Train-The-Trainer Certificates were issued to each participant upon completion. Clock hours (i.e. continuing education hours) were awarded by the FEPPP.

Lastly Lizzie participated in a financial literacy mixer in concert with the Urban Financial Services Coalition and the FDIC Community Affairs Regional personnel for an event in St. Louis, in a program entitled “2020 by 2020” “Financial Literacy Community Outreach” and included participants from the St. Louis school districts. A truly worthwhile endeavor.

All these efforts by Lizzie embody the spirit, practicalities, and benefit of the AFDICA financial literacy program. Congratulations Lizzie on this exemplary effort!

AFDICA members who might have interest in initiating similar programs in your area, or if you have any other questions about the AFDICA financial literacy program, please contact [email protected]

Thanks, as always for you continued support!